Sound Bath/Healing

Sound Bath/Healing

Practitioner: Carmen Vasquez

Category: Sound bath

Suitable for: Everyone/All ages

Duration: 1 Hour

Date: TBA



A crystal alchemy sound bath is a meditative experience and unique opportunity to relax and restore through the reverberating sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls of all shapes and sizes made with natural stones where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves and lull into a peaceful and mindful state of being. Based on ancient healing techniques, vibrations of sound work on a cellular level helping to recalibrate your mind, body, and spirit. These frequencies combined with a soft channeled guided meditation support a subtle shift into meditative brain waves that promote deep relaxation and transformation. Lie back, relax and embark on a beautiful journey within.

What are the benefits of a sound bath?

A 1 hour session of a sound healing may help you with release stress, fatigue and depression symptoms. During a sound bath, the body may undergo many shifts including heightened awareness, sharper intuition, and increased energy. 

Is this program for you?

A sound bath session is suitable for everyone, including all ages. One session can be programmed in person, online, private or in groups (This could be a unique opportunity for your team). In one of our sessions you will experience wellness, mindfulness, relaxation, breathwork, and meditation. Give yourself, your love ones or your group the opportunity to enjoy one hour of relax and healing. Custom sessions are available to one on one sessions and teams of all sizes.

How should I prepare for this class?

Extend your yoga math or a blanket (If you cannot lay in the floor sit comfortable in a chair or bed). Wear loose, comfortable clothing and since you will be lying still for an hour in a sleep-like trance – having a blanket on hand could be a good option in case you need something to warm up. 

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