Angel Channeling

Angel Channeling

Channeler: Carmen Vasquez

Category: Angels, Archangels, Light Beings

Suitable for: Everyone

Duration: Variable

Date: By appointment only



Channeling is the art of receiving and transmitting messages  from another consciousness. In the spiritual field, this usually means translating messages from beings that exists outside the 3D reality. An Angel channeling is a “reading” where the channeler connect with Angel beings and transmit their messages to the person who is asking questions.

How this session works?

First you need to book your session clicking the button above, then you need to email to [email protected] your full name, 4 questions, and the email address where you want to receive your MP3 Audio with your channeling.

If someone different than you is involve in one of your questions, please write the complete name of that person too, for example, let say you want to ask about your brother or husband, or friend a question that is related with you, so please include his/her name; your Angels and their Angels will answer as far as the other person’s free will allows.

An Angel channeling is not a past/present/future reading, it’s a guide from above, you will receive the most wised messages you can even imagine in a simple a normal vocabulary. In an Angel channeling, there is not divination tools involved, Carmen just go into meditative state, connect with your light beings, transmit your questions and allow them to talk to you through her voice.

Please, be open with your questions, the more sincere you are and the less you try to “prove” if Carmen will “guess” your life or not, the better your channeling will be because you will not be blocking your energy and expecting nothing from her as a human being, so please, be clear in your questions.

Is this program for you?

The answer is simple, YES! We know this is for you because is the most beautiful gift that anyone can give to themselves or others. We all have questions in our lives that we cannot find answers, or we doesn’t know what is the best path or choose, or we do not understand the “why” of a situation, etc, etc… You can ask whoever you want and you will find in your answers the most amazing messages that we cannot see or hear when we are in the middle of any situation or that we cannot understand from our intellectual mind. So the answer is simple, YES! This service is for you without doubt!

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