Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Teacher: Carmen Vasquez

Category: Guided Meditation

Suitable for: Everyone

Duration: 1 Hour

Date: TBA or by Appointment



A guided meditation describes a type of meditation that is lead by a teacher. Having an expert lead you through your meditation, is always a good idea when you are fighting with your thoughts or simple want someone to guide you through the process. Experience a guided meditation one on one or in a group.

What types of guided meditations I can experience with you?

There are a number of different techniques to achieve or enhance the meditative state, however the way how Carmen conducts her one on one sessions or groups is by first guiding the audience to bring their attention to their present moment helping them relax with her suit and soft voice; after that she will enter in a deep state of consciousness where she start channeling the energy that is right at the moment and is guided to do for the audience. Non of her guided meditations are equal, she will not prepare either the session, all she does is connect her self with the energy of the audience and start channeling. With this being said, you can experience any of the following in one of her sessions: Mindfulness, spiritual, focused, movement, mantra, trascendal, progressive, loving-kindness, angelical, among many others.

Is this program for you?

A guided meditation is good for everyone, the benefits can be as many as you can imagine and the big purpose of meditation it is becoming one with the soul, which means banishing the consciousness of being related to the body dn human limitations to remembering that you are a soul.

How do I prepare for a guided meditation session?

If you are going to participate in our online meditation, make sure that you find a  place where you can feel relax and will be not interrupted, you can light a candle to symbolically invite the light into your space, we are comfortable clothes, you can always burn incense if you like to have an aroma, make sure you turn of your cell phone and have a blanket in hand just in case you feel cold. 

If you are going to come for an in person session, bring a yoga mat, towel, cushion or chair for you to sit or lay back, comfy clothes and a blanket if you want to be warm.

Give yourself the gift of experience a guided meditation, contact us to book your private session or a group session.

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