Evolutive Tarot

Evolutive Tarot

Tarotist: Carmen Vasquez

Category: Evolutive and Therapeutic Tarot

Suitable for: Everyone

Duration: Variable

Date: By appointment only



The evolutive tarot can be used as a powerful therapeutic and personal growth tool. The Tarot is a map of the unconscious that helps us to know everything that we hide in the shadow, to be able to give it light and transform it.

The Tarot is a bridge between the visible and the invisible in ourselves. It is what leads to clarity, to light our unconscious, what we do not see. It is a guide to be able to understand what our minds cannot realize.
There are 78 powerful cards that bring guide in the tarot deck: 22 great deep major arcanas and 56 minor arcanas for our daily actions.  

“The tarot is an art that guides but does not mark”

How this session works?

First you need to book your session clicking the button above, then you need to email to [email protected] your full name, 4 questions (if you have them), and your WhatsApp or Telegram number.

Once we received your information, we will send you an email with the date and time you will have your consultation; the day and time of the appointment you will received via WhatsApp or Telegram a first general reading via picture and audio. Once the appointment start, you can start asking questions and the session will continue from that point.

Usually the session last Maximus 1 hour, but it can take less depending on the questions you may have.

From now we want to be clear that this session is not about divination or lottery numbers, this is a very serious and deep guidance that will work as a road map for you to understand what is going on in your life, what is the best course of action, and more; so please make sure before you book your session because you may be asked questions in order to understand better what is what you want the tarot to guide you and this is not an appointment to “prove” if the tartest can see your past-present and future with a crystal ball.

Be sure that this session it’s a guide from above and you will receive the most deep guidance and wised messages

Please, be open with your questions, the more sincere you are and the less you try to “prove” if Carmen will “guess” your life or not, the better your reading will be because you will not be blocking your energy.

Is this program for you?

The answer is simple, YES! We know this is for you because is the most beautiful gift that anyone can give to themselves or others. We all have questions in our lives that we cannot find answers, or we doesn’t know what is the best path or choose, or we do not understand the “why” of a situation, etc, etc… This appointment is made with very conscious mind and always in a positive environment without harming anyone. 

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