Deluxe Meditation Cushion Set


Legend says that ZAFU arose when Buddha made a cushion of dried herbs on which to sit comfortably; so now you are part of an ancient tradition.

This cushion will allow you to tilt your pelvis forward and support your knees on the ground, achieving a lumbar curvature that favors a balanced and stable posture.

When meditating on a ZAFU, all muscles relax, heart rate and blood pressure drop, breathing becomes slow and deep, which improves your ability to concentrate, thus favoring your state of meditation.

The rice husk filling will allow your ZAFU to never lose its firmness, it will also adapt to your postures and the shapes of your body.

Thanks to its zippers system you can adjust the height according to your needs, by varying the amount of filling.

In the heart of your ZAFU there is a space for small crystals and energetic stones, which allow the flow of energy to move more easily through your spine and one by one through your chakras, helping you to channel and purify energies, harmonizing your mind, body and soul.

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The deluxe meditation cushion set is a beautiful combination of a meditation and yoga cushion (Rounded Zafu), plus the base for the cushion (Square Zafuton) and crescent moon zafu, handcrafted with a high quality upholstery fabric and an extra soft touch.


  • Manufactured in two pieces, an outer cover and a removable inner cover for the filling, the closure system considerably facilitates the extraction of the outer cover for washing and it is also extremely easy to regulate the volume of the filling.
  • The 100% natural rice husk, especially light, adapts to the bone structure of the practitioner to facilitate a very stable and comfortable posture.
  • It has an internal pocket for meditation practice with crystals and energy stones.
  • Side handle for transport
  • Extra reinforcement stitching
  • Easy washing
  • Approximate measurements: 15 inches wide x 6 inches high (adjustable)
  • Approximate weight: 5.95 Lb


  • Shanti’s Light Yoga and Meditation Cushion Base provides essential cushioning for your ankles and knees when sitting cross-legged on a zafu or on a meditation bench, providing unmatched comfort for your meditation practice.
  • Specially designed to be light and easy to transport.
  • The interior is an authentic minifuton made of 100% cotton fabric and filled with several layers of 100% pressed cotton.
  • The exterior is a soft touch cover, with a zipper to remove and wash, so it will not be necessary to wash the entire futon when the cover gets dirty.
  • Measurements: 28 x 28 x 0.3 inches approx.
  • Weight approx: 4.19 Lb
  • It comes with a stripe that make it easy to carry.


  • The crescent moon zafu meditation cushion is ideal for sitting cross-legged, in lotus or half lotus.
  • With a diameter of 14 inches and a standard seat height of approx. 6 inches, the cushion is versatile, thanks to the cover that can be easily removed using a zipper, the amount of padding and therefore the height of the seat can be adjusted.
  • Designed from high quality upholstery fabric with a soft touch, this cover is also easy to remove and wash to keep the zafu clean easily.
  • The inner lining is made of cotton, filled with 100% natural rice husk. This liner also has a zipper that facilitates emptying to adjust the density or height of the zafu if necessary. It also has a very useful handle so that it is very easy for them to transport it and move it from one side to the other.
  • In the inner lining you will find a meditation pocket where you can storage your own crystals and energy stones, allowing the energy to flow through your spine, one by one for each chakra.
  • The ergonomic crescent zafu is a more technical cushion. Thanks to its wedge shape, the knees can lower until they touch the ground more easily, it also favors the correct inclination of the hips and legs, thus facilitating an upright posture and the correct alignment of the back. Its crescent shape allows you to put your heels closer to the tailbone and for this reason we can also take advantage of the entire surface of the zafu when sitting.
    Despite being such a technical cushion, it also adapts perfectly to all types of people, from beginners to advanced practitioners.
  • Measures: Diameter: 14 inches, Height: 6 inches, Weight: 2.3 Lb






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