Guided Meditations for Personal or Commercial Use in Spanish


Our original guided meditation tracks have been written and recorded with a calm and soft voice. The tracks are professionally recorded with background music that provides relaxation. You can use these files for personal or commercial purposes but you cannot get the rights to own them. We have an extended list with different titles from which you can choose. They are in Spanish. We are always updating our list, so please check often for the new additions.


Please read the list of our tracks where you can see the different titles and length of the audio. Place your order and send us a note of your title(s) and give us 48 business hours to complete your order and send it to your email.

If you are interested in placing a special order please contact us directly to [email protected] and we will gladly be open to work with your requirements.

We can also write scripts for your topic or professional record your own script.


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