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It’s your intention to uplift your life in any area like protection, wealth, love, balance, happiness, health, inner power, energy clearing, or any other area? At Journey Angels, our jewelry line is specially created for an intention of wellbeing, meaning this as  happiness and kindness, prosperity and abundance, focus and clarity, empowerment and much more.

Costume order handmade natural stone bracelets. Tell us your intention, place your order and we will channel which stone is more connected with your intention, after that, we will contact you to explain which natural stone has been choosing you! With the approval of your stone, we will start creating your unique piece with so much love, light and intention. We place your bracelet to charge with sacred geometry and mantras in a very special altar to bring the most high vibes to you!

Sharing  our love for yoga through handmade pieces of jewelry and Mala Beads designed and made by Carmen Vasquez with love!

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In the crystal world is often say that the crystal chooses you and not the other way around. In fact, there’s a reason that you’re drawn to a particular piece of jewelry or crystal (it’s exactly what you need in that moment). When you follow your heart, and let your intuition to guide you, you let us create the connection between you and your natural stone bracelet, in that way it’s easy to connect with it’s energy at the moment when you wear it to get the best of their properties and energy for your healing needs. Using the synergistic power of healing crystals, we have designed each piece to maximize its cleansing and restorative powers. Whether you need an all-over chakra cleanse, a grounding bracelet, or general happiness and balance, we have the perfect jewelry for uplifting your soul.

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