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Cesar Vásquez

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Since he was a child, Cesar was a passionate about music, mathematics, and technology. After finishing high school, he decided to go for math to graduate later as an Electrical Engineer, but after working for years as a Project Engineer, music and technology called him more and more strongly and that is how he decided to move to the United States and take a 180 degrees turn to his life in the company of his wife Carmen and then embarked on the world of audio and video production, starting a path that would later become his current way of life.

Initially, he worked for commercial television stations and independent production companies, then went on to make his own productions and work as a freelancer. At the same time, his wife was becoming more and more immersed in the spiritual world, taking advantage of her abilities as a natural channeler and teacher of yoga and meditation.

After a while, both decided to join their skills together to create material aimed at helping people find within themselves the way to overcome their difficulties and live a better life, such as guided meditations, a variety of courses, regression therapies, self-help books, Japa malas and bracelets made with natural stones, and soy candles, among others. This is how together they created Journey Angels, from which a series of projects were born aimed at the same goal, such as the “I AM Meditation” application and the “Protected by Angels” foundation.

Cesar oversees everything related to audio and video production, and their website and application design as well, as a fundamental part of the material that Journey Angels offers to help people to improve themselves, which has made him a more upright and happier person.


Technical Skills

Adobe® Premiere Pro
Pro-Tools and Audacity
Adobe® Photoshop
WordPress and Elementor