Carmen Vásquez – Giraldo

Carmen Vásquez – Giraldo

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Carmen Vásquez is a groundbreaking thought leader who with her husband is the founder and director of Journey Angels and Protected by Angels Foundation, a writer, therapist, and spiritual teacher. Her passion for the realization of human potential matches her concern for humanity’s impending crises—her fervent wish is that we all experience the “awakening of our souls”. She holds a degree in Drawing Arquitechture, is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher from Saddleback College in California (RYT), Kribayan Yogui initiated by Paramahansa Yogananda (Self Realization Fellowship), with lifelong studies of hypnosis, mythology, sociology, history, chakra systems, reiki, tarot, Vedic Astrology and mystic spirituality. She is a natural channeler considered one of the country’s foremost bilingual experts on the channeling area.  She teaches across the U.S., as well worldwide in person and online.

Carmen conducted a private practice for over 20 years, but traveling has taken her healing efforts into the workshop mode, training other therapists, and conducting healing sessions..

On the more personal level, Carmen Vasquez is a mom of three kids, a wife of her best friend, a dynamic individual with many talents: teacher, healer, writer, and yogini. She is well-loved for her integration of mind, body, and spirit. She is a compassioned person who feels deeply concerned about the state of our world, in terms of education, ecology, ethics, politics, and religion. Feeling that individual and cultural transformation Carmen is passionate to supports a path to empowerment and balance through Protected by Angels Foundation.


Hello, I am Carmen and I’m so delighted that we are meeting this way, there are not accidents or coincidences in life, what is bringing us together is the mutual interest love for the ultimate questions about life. I have been a student of all those “religious” and philosophy studies because I am interested in the ultimate questions: Why it’s that we are born only to die, what is the meaning of our life, what’s worth pursuing, why some suffer more than others in certain areas of our lives, what happens after we die… So all this questions has always been at the heart of my life’s passion and that’s why I choose to study meditation, yoga, Jyotisha veda – Vedic Astrology (seeing behind the veil of this world with that incredible knowledge), tarot, angels, among others; and that’s why I spend many years engaged in the practice and studies of many different sacred books related to human and metaphysics. 

So I invite you to follow us in our social medias, subscribe to our newsletter, and support our most beloved project “Protected by Angels”  where we can continue this connection and where I regularly share knowledge information pertaining to the ultimate questions. I look forward to deepening our connection. Love & Light, Carmen

CARMEN'S thoughts

Yoga for me is a way of living, I am a Kribayan Yogui initiated by Paramahansa Yogananda (Self Realization fellowship), I have been practicing my meditation for more than a decade, but my missing piece was the physical part more known here in theWestern countries and that’s why I decided to embarque my journey enrolling at college again at my 45 years; today I am a proud graduated from Saddleback College as a Registered Yoga Teacher and part of the Yoga Alliance Community.

I practice physical yoga as a way to release energy, low vibrations, move my muscles, release fears, and more… For me yoga is my way of life, my meditation is my deep connection with God. I wish all of you can experience the benefits of yoga, not only as a workout, but as a work in and a way of life.

Yoga is a life style, a community, yoga is my space where I can feel safe and connected with my soul, yoga is my path to self realization and most important a connection with God.

Yoga is not a religion, it’s a discipline without dogma.

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