Bedtime Routines For Better Sleep

Bedtime Routines For Better Sleep

It’s widely known that today’s lifestyle creates anxiety and stress in a lot of people, and because of this, they get insomnia or can’t have the rest their minds and bodies need in order to embrace a new day full of energy and a with positive attitude.

Fortunately, we are beings with a high capacity for creating different “realities” when we focus our attention on positive practices and, most importantly, when we add them to our daily routine before going to bed.

Here are 3 simple practices you can implement and make part of your daily life in order to relax and embrace life in a more positive way, even when you are facing difficult challenges:

  1. Release or Surrender:  This is the most important part for your bedtime routine, since you will be setting all the heaviness you carry during the day or in your unconscious mind free to go to the creator or universe, where that energy can be transformed in several ways that our limited human mind cannot comprehend. So, in order to practice this, imagine you have in front of you a basket and inside it, you put all your emotions (whether positive or less positive), experiences, thoughts, worries, or any other thing you feel is creating heaviness within you, and then watch how that basket is going up and up in a vertical way, completely aligned with you, and is received by that wonderful energy that created all of us.

When you do this ritual every single day, you are opening space on your “hard disk”, called memory, to welcome a new experience, because you just cleaned it and opened up more room.

  1. Another amazing thing you can do, this time just as soon as you sit on your bed and before turning off the lights, is keep a journal. Call this journal “Magical Moments” and make it pretty and lovely because it will hold all your memories. Keep it always on your nightstand with a nice pen and every night write the date at the beginning of one page. On that page, you will write 3 things that made you feel good during the day, even though it was a “hard” day; when you take a close look you will start recognizing every single day has amazing moments, always. For example: someone smiles at you, you find a penny or a feather on the floor, you get an unexpected phone call, your little dog wags its tail to you, you just smell a flower, among an infinity of things… Please do not worry about writing an essay; you just need to play with your mind and write a short sentence that will make you smile and remember after six months or a year, when you open up a random page of your “Magical Moments” journal and read it.
  2. On the same page you will write the title: “Something I Gave” and you will write 3 things you gave during the day; this could be a hug you gave to someone, a smile, some compassion, the time you shared being mindful with someone, a favor, among many others.

When you start doing these three simple routines, you will start sleeping better and waking up in a super positive mood even though you may have lessons to learn. As soon as you practice and learn to SURRENDER, however, you will be opening up space to have new experiences and purposes in your life. At the same time your “Magical Moments” journal will be helping you to see how wonderful life is when you learn to see the little things that make every day great!

Sweet Dreams, Shining Souls!

About the Author

Carmen Vasquez is the author of inspirational and motivational articles that always send positive messages to people. Carmen is a yoga teacher, kribayan yogui, and holistic therapist. She is the founder, along with her husband, of Journey Angels and Protected by Angels Foundation, her main website is; both main purpose is to inspire people to transform and develop their lives. She’s a mom of three beautiful angels and is happily married; the family live on the Pacific coast of the U.S.A. 

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