About Us

About Us

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Journey Angels is a holistic business that provides support to those looking to learn skills for cultivating self-compassion to live a happier and more present versions of themselves, considering their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing throughout the practice of yoga and meditation. We offer yoga classes, Vedic astrology sessions, guided meditations, sound healing sessions, regression therapy, video and audio production, and more. Also, we offer classes and certifications, handmade products as natural stone bracelets and malas, soy wax candles, crystals, incenses, books and mindful items.

Enjoy the

Journey Angels Experience

Balance Body-Mind-Soul

Yoga, Vedic Astrology, Meditation, Sound Baths, Regression Therapies, Channeling, Tarot: Tools to help you enhance your life!

Courses and Products

Learn to channel, learn to meditate… Get beautiful males, bracelets, books, and more from our online store!


Meet-ups, gatherings, circles, retreats, zoom meetings to support and empower each other.

I AM Meditation

A free bilingual app for you to enjoy the benefits of meditation, relaxing music, conscious breathing and more!

Protected by Angels

Non-profit foundation dedicated to help people finding stability during crisis and vulnerable times.

Video/Audio Production

Audio and video content creation with a positive and holistic approach. We excel at making mindful productions.